Meat restaurant “Black Piglet” is situated in the historical center of the town near the St. Andrew’s descent in a cozy room with wooden tables and sofas.

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(067) 434 70 77 or (044) 591 27 03

In the “Black piglet” is waiting for you the most fresh and delicious Ukrainian meat, which is cooked over an open fire in a special oven Josper. Try “Corporate skewers on a chain”, pork on the bone, pork ribs, grilled pig on a spit and sausages, prepared personally by the Chef. And, of course, the legendary house specialty meat the restaurant “Black Piglet” – Shank “Ice-ban” made a special recipe

“Meat and beer – it’s beautiful!” Brand light or dark beer “Black Piglet” perfectly with meat dishes! On the menu you will find a great variety of delicious snacks to all varieties of beer: sharp piglet ears, chicken wings and hot peppers halapenos ideal for light beer and dark varieties lovers of this drink is sure will be thrilled: sudzhuk, basturma or smoked pig ears.